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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here she is.... finally!

Well, at long last my sweet autumn fairy is complete. I finished decorating her staff today. Shei s finally done and will be taking a place on honor on top of my piano - I think.

Here are a few pictures of her from start to finish.

And here she is complete

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Blog for My New Passion :)

I decided to create a new blog dedicated to my sculpting and what better time to start a new blog than at the beginning of not only a new year but a new decade :) I noticed that my stamping blog - Adventures in Stamping has been overrun with sculpting posts of late and since I plan to start updating it with rubber stamp related projects in the coming months, it was time to move the sculpting to a blog of its very own.

This blog will probably be updated more often since I seem to sculpt a lot more that I stamp- even when I have stamping workshops on my calendar. I still consider myself a stamper but I realized that I am a sculptor first then a stamper. That was a hard truth for me :) I have been a paper artist for so long, and have loved it and enjoyed it immensely, but as much as I immersed myself in it, something always seemed to be missing... When I took my first sculpting workshop I realized what was missing, ME :)

When I stamp, I use someone else's design to create beautiful works of art but when I sculpt, I use my own passion and imagination and create something unique and personal and most of all something that is truly all mine. It is a heady feeling to see a face appear out of a lump of clay.

Right now I have 5 separate sculptures in progress, 2 that are partially complete and 3 that are just wire, tape, foil, and epoxy. Here is my workspace after this past weekend. The armature that is hanging on the sculpting stand is a new style for me. I am going to start sculpting the entire body of the figure... YIKES! I'll post pictures as I learn.

Stay tuned for more in progress pictures. Next post will be Sevrina - finished. She is nothing like I imagined she would be.