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Friday, March 7, 2014



Well, Indigo arrived in her new home on Wednesday so here are her progress pictures as pomised:

I wanted to use the indigo color hair I dyed along with some black and this is what I ended up with. Neither of us were pleased with the results so this hair was peeled off and I started over.

This color worked much better and I had tons of it. I washed and conditioned the pelt and let it air dry to keep the lovely waves.

We have hair! She liked this color so much more than the black/indigo combo.

Fleshing out the body. This time I did go for a much smaller waist than the Birdcage fairy has. 

We now have skin. As you can see her waist is really too small but once I add the clothing it will look closer to normal. 

Ready for Clothes



Side View

As you can see her over skirt has been beaded. I love this technique. It really finishes off the skirt. She is holding a blueberry in these pictures. 


It is hard to see the detail on the wings. These wings were created using Fantasy Film and Wire. Once I had the wings created I added beads and feathers to finish them off. She turned out pretty darn cute for only having a week to work on her. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Indigo is on her way

I mailed Indigo off to her new mom today. After she arrives on Thursday I'll post the rest of the pictures of her progress including pictures of making her wings.

Next up I'll be finishing the birdcage fairy. She is getting pretty impatient since she is so close to being done but got bumped for Indigo. Her tiara is done. I just need to finish her costume and make her wings. Then I'll need to find a way to get her on the perch of her new home.

I'll also be making some curtains for the bottom of the birdcage and possibly a chair. As you can see this birdcage has lots of potential!

The sweet little fairy will be sitting on the perch in the main cage if I can get her safely in there. The opening to the lower portion of the cage is fairly small so I will have to remove the door. Hopefully she'll be complete this weekend.

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