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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Resolutions

Remember, I warned you that these were coming. As I reviewed my priorities for last year, yes I actually said priorities not resolutions, I found that while my life took a horrible turn I still managed to do some things on that list. I did sculpt more and I really tried to take better care of me. All of that flew out the window for the middle part of the year but as 2010 ended I was able to slowly work on those things again.
So here is my list of 11 (I don't know why 11, it just seems like a good number) Resolutions for 2011.

1) Purge - art supplies that I no longer use, clothing that no longer fits, kitchen items that I have lots of.... I have started this task and it feels GREAT already!
2) Spend time with my family and friends - Time is the one commodity that we NEVER get back, this year I hope to spend it wisely on the people in my life who mean the most to me!
3) Live healthier
4) Journal - this has been an important part of regaining my creativity!
5) Explore - the museum, the river, the city I live in... just explore
6) Create - whatever strikes me whether it is sculpted, embroidered, sewn, written or baked.
7) Imagine - imagination is the key to MY creativity, I need to keep it working.
8) Be Frugal - this is a trend that I have already noticed in my life and I like it!
9) Reconnect with Nature - another important part of my life that I have neglected... look out garden, here I come!
10) Enjoy more and stress less - need I say more ;0)
11) Allow my spiritual side to shine through - this has been slowly happening, now I want it to be intentional.

As you can see, my resolutions are not tasks that set me up for failure, they are more like guidelines that I hope to live by, things I hope to bring into my life, things that will make it a richer, more rewarding life to live.

Here is a quote I found that I feel everyone should embrace:

We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential. ~Ellen Goodman

Have a wonderful New Year!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Remembered


Looking back over the past year has been an interesting process, I am usually rather introspective during the last week of the year and this year is no different. The last year of my life has taught me a great deal about the people I knew, or thought I knew, the people I love and especially about myself. Some things were good, some horrible, but all of the lessons I have learned will make me stronger and happier in the years to come. I wouldn't wish my last year on anyone! It was truly, truly bad!! But the knowledge I gained was priceless and worth my little walk through hell.

This year, I learned not only who my friends really were but what I valued most in a friend. I learned that true friendship is not as rare as people seem to think, you just have to know what you really want in a friend and how to really be a friend. I lost a couple of people that I thought were friends. When it happened, I was devastated! Then as I slowly healed and was able to step out of the wreckage that was my life, I realized that I had good, true friends standing all around me. True, honest, got your back, real friends. Most were not the people I expected to be there, some live 1000's of miles away from me, some I have only known a couple of years, some I only get to see occasionally, but when the dust settled, I was humbled by the people that were in my life. These people have been with me at my worst and will be with me at my best. They are the very definition of friend, they are loving and kind, caring and supportive, and will kick you in the ass when you need it. They are honest even when you don't want them to be and supportive when you don't realize you need it. They are funny, creative, calming and living life. They don't judge even if they don't understand or approve, they stand steady and strong - not only at my back when I need it, but at my side. They support me when I need them and lean on me when they need my strength.  As I sit here in my pretty little studio reflecting on the carnage that was my 2010 I realize that, all in all, I am a very lucky girl! I am blessed to have these amazing women (and even a couple of really great men) in my life and know that in 2011 I will do everything I can to be the friend that they deserve. I no longer mourn the friends who are gone from my life because life must be lived in the present. It was a hard, eye opening year but I have come through it whole and am actively working on Healthy and Happy! So as I ring out 2010 and ring in 2011 I will be focusing on the wonderful people in my life and the lessons I have learned!

WOW, what a ride it has been. Whom ever said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" was right, it isn't a fun ride but in the end, if you survive it - so totally worth it!

And now for some less serious, fun news :-)

The past month has been quite productive. I have finished several gifts, cleaned up some projects that needed to be done and out the door and have organized my studio so that the limited time I currently have to create is used wisely.

This month I have created Voodoo dolls (see below), a pretty paper covered cigar box, some embroidered Thumb Wars puppets, a covered journal, a scrapbook, some embroidered kitchen towels and an embroidered chair cushion - some just for fun, some as gifts, all with love. Most of these items have been sent off to their new homes and now I get to start working on my personal fun things! I haven't sculpted much or finished my sculpted projects but I am going to work on some of that today.

Life is sort of slowing down and my creativity is finally flowing again! Who knew that the darkest times of my life could yield such amazing insight into what I really want and need. I am still wading through some pretty nasty things but slowly life is starting to balance out. The time I am spending with my young son has certainly helped. He has managed to put lots of things into perspective with his hilarious take on the world. Sometimes all I need to do is listen to him rambling on, usually to himself, to realize that not only is life worth living, it is also worth enjoying!

Here are the Voodoo dolls that I made. I found this adorable machine embroidery pattern at my new favorite embroidery site called They have the coolest machine embroidery patterns I have ever seen!

Please note, I am a firm believer in Karma! All of the Voodoo dolls that I create are meant to help the person they are gifted to NOT hurt the person they represent. There is enough negativity in the world, I don't want to add to it! If you are interested in the how and why of these cute little guys send me an email and I'll send you the poem that goes with them. Send the email to to be sure I get it.

To those of you who have been with me through this past year, I thank you, to those of you just reading my saga, welcome and I hope to get to know you.

2011 Resolutions coming soon... yes, of course I have to =D