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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 7

This week for the #2016PCChallenge I completed another old man. I am really pleased with him.



This week I will paint his face to see how those wrinkles look then add a chest and shoulders for him and also build up the back of his skull. I am very happy with how he turned out.

Here is an update on my sweet face from late week. I added ears and a chest piece to her.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beautiful Weekend by the Bay

Sunset in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

We are spending Valentines weekend in San Francisco. It has been fabulous so far! I'll be back in the studio on Monday.

Dinner with a view in Sausalito

Fishermen's Wharf

I'm enjoying my time in the city, hit up a local art supply store and have been getting lots of inspiration for my sculpture concept for the show!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 6 - Part 2

This week I am much happier with how my project for the #2016PCChallenge came out. She still needs some gloss in her eyes to even them our shine-wise but overall I am much happier with how she turned out.

Before baking

After baking

She has not been painted yet. Once I add her brows I think she will look pretty good. Her eyes have some shadow on them already. I am experimenting with an idea for shading the area around the eyes and I think it is going to work once I find the right color of eye shadow. 

I am really enjoying making heads right now but they are beginning to stack up. I am going to have to stat making hands and feet so I can turn these heads into dolls but since I am so inspired to make heads I think I will continue for a bit!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 6

Sometimes the creative process is quick, the clay does exactly what you want and the person within is revealed quickly and just how they are supposed to be. Other times it is tough and even when you are done you are still not happy with the results. That was my experience with this weeks #2016PCChallenge project.

I worked and worked, redid, reworked, walked away and reworked and even when I was done and baked the piece I should not have. I should have put him down and come back to him another day. His mouth is too high on his face, his chin too narrow. But I didn't and while I like him and I learned a lot from the process of creating him, I still wish I had not baked him so that I could have fixed the things I see now.

Here he is, my week 6 project.

He looks like a leprechaun to me. Hopefully he'll like that. We shall see! I had such a bard time bringing him into the world, I need to make sure I finish him!

Oh well. Lesson learned and today starts another week!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Eyes - The Make or Break Part of the Face

Figure by Renata Jansen

When I create a figure I am thrilled with everything until I get to the eyes. The eyes can make or break a sculpture. Until now, the eyes of my sculptures have been an inset eyeball that I paint once the doll has been baked. They are hit or miss, some good, some not good at all, usually they are passable. But I need them to be better. I need them to be more realistic.

This week I tried something new. Something fabulous! I made two polymer clay iris canes and used them to make much more lifelike eyes to inset into my sculptures. The process is fairly lengthy but if you make many sets of eyes in one session it is worth it.

The tutorial I used was created by Renata Jansen.  I love the look she has achieved with her eyes. You can view her iris cane tutorial here. For her tutorial on adding the iris to an eyeball click on the image above.

Here is my first try at this technique. I'm pleased with the results. The iris' I used were a bit large for this face but I'm OK with it! I still have to put a gloss in them as a final step which will make them even better. (The wires you see are the wing placers. they will be removed and wings inserted later)

I rushed them a bit but I learned a lot! I did get several pairs of usable eyes and will be experimenting with different iris designs. I'm really excited about the possibilities with this technique.

Here is my old mad, I've adjusted his eyes a bit, I have to remove some of the gloss that leaked but they are much better than before though I still like the eyes above better. I'll definitely be using this technique a lot!