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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 3

I can't believe that we are in to week 3 already! This is my 3rd sculpture for the 2017 Polymer Clay Challenge (#2017PCChallenge) hosted by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres

I am really happy with my week three project though I didn't realize until I put ears on him that he was a boy.

It is always fascinating to see the figure emerge from the clay. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know that I do NOT fight the figure that emerges :0) I did that with my very first sculpture, I wanted a pretty fairy and ended up with a figure that looks like Mick Jagger in drag (Sorry Mick!), anyway, I learned my lesson, whoever emerges is who I get. (For a peek at my very first sculpture click here)

Here is he, week 3...


Lids and lips


Ears and Color

Ready to Bake

I am really happy with him. More work needs to be done around the eyes but overall I like him!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Eyes Have it

Last week I was irritated that I didn't have many eyes already made and had to use a pair that just didn't go with the figure and it showed. I was not happy with week 2's eyes at all but I used what I had because I can't paint eyes in the sculptures that I make. My own eyes are old and the figures I make are often very small, so I make eyes out of clay. 

This is a new technique that I found on Pinterest and I like it. It is a YouTube Video from SugarCharmShop. Here is link the video. If you like miniatures plan to spend a few weeks or months on this YouTube channel - so many amazing projects! 

It is very similar to what I have been doing but I thought it would be worth the time to see if I liked them or not. Overall I am pleased with them. You will see them used in my week three #2017PCChallenge sculpture tomorrow. There are a lot of colors in these eyes which you don't really see because of how much I reduce them but I was impressed with how they look and the technique was easy to follow. 

I'll be making more eyes this week. I like to have lots of variety on hand. These are mostly brown and are for 8-12 inch tall figures. 

As  you can see I did bake a few large irises rather than reduce them. Later I'll add the white to them and make a creature. This year I am working on several larger (24"-30") figures. Since I decided to bow out of the craft fair I decided to make things for my house and yard. I want a large house elf for my laundry room. He'll be holding a bank to collect all the change I find and he may just have a bag for stray socks as well! I'll post him as he develops.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 2

I am trying to get on a Sunday posting schedule for my challenge so I sculpted two heads in a matter of days.

This one is a bit larger than the first. I'm happy with her face though the eyes are too close together. I only had the one pair of eyes completed and ready to use so my options were - 1 pair. Not how I like to work and it made a difference. I had a much harder time with her eyes than I normally do.

The rest of this afternoon will be spend making more eyes in different colors. I like have them baked and ready to go in multiple colors and sizes so that I have what I need.

So... here is week 2:

Lids - she looks angry

Color - Pre-Bake
Final - Post-Bake

If her eyes had not been so close together I would have been happier. As it is she will still make a nice kitchen witch or angel. I'm very happy with her lips. That has been an area that I've struggled with. I also struggle with ears. Hers are too flat but I was a bit lazy and didn't get my reference pictures out so I am not going to whine too much about it and when I put hair on her I'll make sure they are covered!

Next weekend I am sculpting with friends. These little girls just may get hair! I'll definitely post pictures once they have hair and bodies. 

The Flickr album is live. There is a link on the left side of the blog or you can click here to visit it. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 1

Well I did it! I finished my first sculpted head of the new year. Her eyes were made using the technique I developed from Lisa Pavelka's Smoosh cane which I'll be sharing later this year.

Since 2017 started on a Saturday, my plan is to share my 2017 Polymer Clay Challenge sculptures on Sunday's.

Week 1 down, only 51 more to go! She hasn't revealed her name to me yet, she'll probably do that once she gets hair. It really does make a difference.

Here she it:
Wow! Look at those crazy eyes

Eyelids and a Chin

Nose, Ears and Lips

Some color - Pre-Bake

 And here she is, my baseline for the year, baked and ready for hair. 

Notice that the color becomes less intense once it is baked. I learned to use regular makeup and Pan Pastel's on my figures from the amazing Kate Church. This is now one of my favorite ways to add color to human-link sculptures though I still prefer to paint my creatures!

I already see some areas to work on but overall I'm happy with how she came out. 

Until next week ;0)

2107 Polymer Clay Challenge

Once again I am participating in the Polymer Clay Challenge being hosed by Katie over at KatersAcres.

The challenge is to complete one polymer clay project of your choosing per week. This year I am committing to complete one sculpted head each week.I can't wait to see who emerges from the clay this year.

Last year I noticed serious improvement in my sculptures after just a few weeks. Definitely due to constantly working on my skills.

Once I complete my first project I will post a link to my #2017PCChallenge Flickr album. I'll also post pictures here but I am excited to see the changes that I believe will result in my skills and seeing the pictures from start to finish will definitely show it.

Stay tuned! I hear the clay calling ;0)


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy Belated New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you and your family enjoyed a safe holiday season. I had a wonderful time. My middle son and his family were visiting and I had a 3 year old in the house for Christmas for the first time in about 16 years!! Getting back to my regularly scheduled life has been difficult.

Having a small child in the house, seeing the magic of the season through her young eyes, has been a gift. Sometimes it is easy to forget the joy and wonder of things. I like all of the holiday trappings, the decorations, the music, the food...oh man the food! This year was just a little extra special with my son and his family sharing the days with us. It was great for my youngest son as well as he got to hang out with one of his siblings this year.

Now that January is here and the children have gone home things are slowly getting back to normal. I've set aside time each month to write for my blog so you'll see a bit more of me this year. I am looking forward to a productive 2017 with my art. Details on upcoming plans and projects coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by...


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Almost a New Year

Wow 2016 went by fast. So much happened, but I had too many obligations and not enough time to write and play. I hope that 2017 will be different. I plan to make 2017 different.

I've cut back on outside obligations though I did go back to school. I realized that while I enjoyed some of the things I had joined in on, I was not working on what inspires me - namely figurative sculpture.

So, with that thought on my mind, I chose to bow out of the major craft fair I have been doing for the past few years. It is (in my opinion) one of the best in the area but I found that while I enjoyed the booth and the people, the things I was making were not what I wanted to work on. I found that I was making small items to fill my booth rather than working on my art. So, though I am sure I will miss it come October, I did not commit myself for the upcoming year. I am taking a break from craft fairs and working on sculpting.

I did finish another sculpture and submitted her for Art Doll Quarterly's County Fair challenge. The sculpture's name is: Grandma Molly's Blue Ribbon Blueberry Pie. Here is a sneak peek. I checked the rules and I am able to share her on my personal blog.

Please excuse the poor picture quality and wrinkled background!!

She was inspired by my grandmother and I think of her as the fisherman's wife (Fish Tales: Check him out here). I haven't heard back yet as to whether or not they want to use her but I sure had a great time making her and sending her off for consideration. I've made it a goal this coming year to enter their challenges and I am already storyboarding my ideas for their next challenge - "I am Woman" which is due in March of 2017.

2017 will bring more posts to this blog. I am setting aside a couple of hours per month to write for my blog. This is something that I enjoy and want to do. I have several tutorials that are just about done and I finally want to share them. I have other projects that I am working on that need to be here :0) I have the results of my first serious batch of wine that I made all by myself - start to finish - and it is drinkable. That story needs to be shared and I still have some amazing vacation pictures to show you.

Right now, I am sitting at work on my lunch hour. I was trying to focus on my current college course - Business Law - but my brain just isn't there right now. My middle son and his family arrived here today, the holidays are in full swing and last night I finally got my house decorated. I am ready to take a break and just enjoy my family and the holidays.