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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Never Apologize for Your ART

Whomever said that an Artist had to suffer to produce good ART needs to get a clue! Suffering, while it may be good for the soul, is not conducive to creativity. At least it isn't conducive to MY creativity! I have had a very trying year and while I have been working sporadically on my various creative endeavors it hasn't been until very recently have I been able to enjoy the process of creating and the things I am creating... well they are a'changing ;-) My take on that old adage is that while an Artist need not suffer to produce amazing art, suffering does indeed change an Artist's perspective and often times their vision and work.

I have found the darker side to my creative journey. Some of it is a natural interweaving of my love of everything Halloween with my sculpting, some of it is the by-product of the circumstances that were my life this past year, and the rest...well lets just say that my true personality is starting to shine through into my art. I hope to share those darker things with you in the very near future. They will have their own place to live in Cyberspace, check back for a link to Dark Horizon Arts soon.

I am finishing up a couple of projects that I posted here before my life took a hard left turn, my Goblin is finally going to have some clothes (he is thrilled), the Goddess is actually an Egyptian Queen (who knew??) and Jordan's fairy will be getting her wings. Once those projects are complete I will introduce you to 2 recent characters that I have sculpted. One is a holiday Elf that I plan to deck out in red and green finery with bells, holly and what ever else I can find while the other is a marvelous horned jester who will be dressed in lush rich colors, think Mardi Gras - plum, emerald, gold... we shall see. That is my plan but as the Queen and the Goblin will tell you... they get final say!

For now, thanks for checking up on me.