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Monday, April 28, 2014

Zombies in the Nursery... and the Fun Begins

Today I will be getting to work on the Zombies in the Nursery swap project. I have a couple of really great ideas but they are completely different and easily identifiable subjects so I'll have to be very careful as to what I show here, I don't want to give away too much before my partner receives her doll!

I'll be posting progress pictures this week. Here are the tools I'll be starting with

Aluminum Armature wire, Aluminum Foil & Artist's Masking Tape

I prefer aluminum wire for its strength and flexibility. Since most of the creatures I make are poseable I need something that can withstand repeated bending. This wire has proven true!

I use the Aluminum Foil to flesh out large areas so that I do not need to use a thick layer of clay in some places.I want my clay to be uniform in thickness so that it is less likely to crack.

Foil is also good for making unusual or exaggerated bodies or character features. I've made dragons, rabbits and trolls with odd shaped bodies or heads and the foil allows me to form the shape and then cover it with an even layer of clay. I use regular foil that you can get at the grocery store, nothing fancy!

The tape is used to cover the wire and foil for two reasons. First it helps protect the clay from becoming discolored when it comes in contact with the wire and secondly, it keeps the aluminium foil from expanding and contracting too much once the clay is covering it which helps prevent cracking.

Polymer Clay

There are so many clays on the market right now and I have used many with success. I love to use ProSculpt when creating fairies and human figures. The colors are stunning right our of the oven, very life like. I've also used Fimo and Sculpy, both of which are available at local craft stores. For this creation I am using a mixture of three colors of Premo Sculpy clay to make a nice color for the project.

Sculpting Tools

My very first set of sculpting tools were from The Compleat Sculptor and are item # 43282428 under the Wendy Froud Favorites tools. I still use these the most since these are what I learned with. Since that lovely first day my tool stash has expanded, a lot! I use all types of tools including knitting needles, styluses, dental tools, and more to create what I need. The amazing thing about clay is you can try something out and if it doesn't give you the desired result you smooth it out and move on! Yay!

These are the basics that I start with for all of the sculptures. Regardless of the shape of the doll, the foundation is made of the same materials. 

I prefer aluminum wire for its strength and flexibility. Since most of the creatures I make are poseable I need something that can withstand repeated bending. This wire has proven true!

Check back soon for some progress pictures. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

So Many Projects...

I am so excited to tell you about the swap I am getting ready to work on. While I have lots of works in progress (WIP), I HAD to join in on the fun with the Zombies in the Nursery swap being hosted by Val at Yarnigras Swapper Spot.

Participants will be creating a Zombie character doll for their partner based on one of the 3 Nursery Rhymes that their partner lists on their swap info sheet. How cool is that!

I can envision Little Bo Peep and her Zombie Sheep, Jack and Jill Zombies with a bucket of body parts instead of a pail of water, Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk chomping on the giant, and so much more! I can't wait to see the nursery rhymes my partner lists.

Of course I'll post sneak peek pictures here but won't be able to show the completed project until my partner receives it.

On the WIP front, not much has happened. The past several weeks have been full of work, illness, injury, more work, birthdays, travel for both work and for fun and then more work! Happily, I am done with traveling, no longer sick, finally healed from my injury and ready to get back to work!

The Birdcage Fairy is waiting for her hair to be styled and her clothes to be finished and she is getting pretty impatient. I hope to have her completed soon. She really has waited long enough!

Thanks for stopping by, I am feeling confident that I'll be sharing lots more soon!