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Thursday, July 20, 2017

2017 Piggy Bank Challenge

Val's Quilting Studio

So while reading through the blogs I follow I saw a post about a piggy bank challenge and had to check it out. It is geared towards quilters but I am so in!

Here is a link to the information about the challenge. It is being hosted by Val's Quilting Studio. You have until August 1st to join in on the fun.
Here are the rules:
  1. Create a post this week sharing your "piggy bank".
  2. Include your goal of what you'd like to purchase with your savings come this time next year.
  3. Include the linky button (available on this post)  to help spread the word to all your followers. 
  4. Return and link your post here anytime this week until August 1st.
  5. Start "penny pinching". (Coins and bills are allowed)
  6. Next year we'll  all empty our piggy banks on July 6th and create a post exclaiming our totals, share what quilty(or sculpting in my case) purchase we're going to make and link up once again to celebrate! (Don't worry, She will send emails to all who link up this week with reminders.)

Darth Tater

**UPDATE** Here is my piggy bank. He already has $26 in his feet. I counted it before I put my change from the day in there. I really hope to fill him. That is my goal!

I love this idea. Saving change throughout the year is something I have done randomly. This time I will be intentional about it.

My goal for the challenge is to be purchase additional colors of Tibetan Lamb hair as well and some fun fabrics, ribbons and laces to add to my stash. I'll use this money to splurge on some that I would normally shy away from due to the price. This will be my splurge fund.

Another Wee Doll

I had so much fun making the first tiny elfin doll for the Art Dolls Tiny Dolls contest that I had to make her a friend(or two).

I am going to add glittery shoes and some type of ornament in her hair to finish her.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Just a Wee Doll

I've been sculpting a lot lately. Eventually I will be updating my 2017 PC Challenge album but for today I am going to share the Tiny Elfin Doll I made for the Jack Johnston Art Dolls Tiny Elfin Doll Contest. This particular contest is based on Linda Lyons adorable dolls. Here is a link to the contest page and here is a link to Linda's Artwork.

I have been having such fun creating dolls for contests and challenges. I've found that if I have a deadline I am much more likely to finish a doll. Soooo, challenges and contests will be entered :)

Here is a picture of the first doll I made for the contest. The pictures are not the best but I think she is cute.

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