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Friday, January 31, 2014

Works in Progress

My first post of the year was almost on February 1st which would have blown my only resolution for this blog. Happily, as I worked on organizing my studio this month I kept looking at a couple of the sculptures that I am working on and realized that a post about my works in progress was the perfect first post to kick off this new year. 

Mermaid in Waiting

I wrote about this current work in progress on this blog several years ago, seriously, in January of 2010 to be exact and she is in almost the same condition. All I have done is strengthen her arm in preparation for the pose she will have. While she is hanging from the stand by her head, once sculpted she will be reaching into a treasure chest which will be lodged on a piece of coral of some sort or on the ocean floor. I am really looking forward to working on her this year.

Sometimes I think that they have been waiting for my skills to increase enough to work on them and do them justice. Hopefully they'll be satisfied!

Here are a couple of other works in progress: 

Young Fairy

Her home

This little fairy will be posed in the coolest birdcage I have ever found at my local Goodwill store. She is younger than what I normally sculpt but that is who she is and I am certainly not going to argue with her! I am looking forward to finally finishing her so that she can enjoy the home I am working on for her. I have already embroidered a rug for the bottom of the cage and if you look closely I have added potted flowers to the inside ledges. 

This is Alice, she is the first full body sculpt I ever made and she has been difficult. I had problems with the clay cracking and was pretty discouraged but I patched her up and moved on. She is waiting for me to finish her clothing and her stand. She is currently sporting a crown I made during a class. She really likes it so she may just have to be depicted as Alice after her visit with the Hatter :0) We'll just consider the crown a gift from him.

Finally, my Goblin, he was also featured here in January 2010. I’ve made a bit of progress on him. His mock-up detective style coat is in the process of being tailored to fit so that I can make a nice form fitting jacket for him. I’ve started looking for a suitable “Holmes” style wool print to make the final coat with and the chain that is draped around him will be used for a pocket watch chain (industrial strength in case of emergency). 

These are the projects I will be finishing soon, I hope! I believe they have waited long enough.  

Check back soon  to see who got finished first! 

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