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Friday, March 7, 2014



Well, Indigo arrived in her new home on Wednesday so here are her progress pictures as pomised:

I wanted to use the indigo color hair I dyed along with some black and this is what I ended up with. Neither of us were pleased with the results so this hair was peeled off and I started over.

This color worked much better and I had tons of it. I washed and conditioned the pelt and let it air dry to keep the lovely waves.

We have hair! She liked this color so much more than the black/indigo combo.

Fleshing out the body. This time I did go for a much smaller waist than the Birdcage fairy has. 

We now have skin. As you can see her waist is really too small but once I add the clothing it will look closer to normal. 

Ready for Clothes



Side View

As you can see her over skirt has been beaded. I love this technique. It really finishes off the skirt. She is holding a blueberry in these pictures. 


It is hard to see the detail on the wings. These wings were created using Fantasy Film and Wire. Once I had the wings created I added beads and feathers to finish them off. She turned out pretty darn cute for only having a week to work on her. 

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