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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Show Re-Cap

Show Booth

I had such a great time at the Arts & Crafts Show in October. But before I get into that I have to share with you one of the (many) reasons I have been missing lately!

About 1 1/2 weeks before the show my son was visiting his friend. About 9:00 that night we get a call from him letting us know he fell. He then handed the phone his buddy's step-dad, who proceeded to tell us that our baby, our youngest child, my sweet boy (OK, he's 17 but still my baby) fell and probably broke his wrist. They bring my child home and off we go to the ER.

My Sweet Boy

Yep, it's broken. ER puts a cast on him and refers us to an Orthopedic Surgeon, who we are supposed to see within 3 days (that would be Monday) but who we can't see for a week. Longish story a bit shorter, my son went in to surgery the Thursday before the Arts & Crafts show - Ahhhh!

He's had a cast on for several weeks now and goes in on Tuesday to have the wire (or pole - depending on who you ask) and cast removed from his wrist. He's been a great sport. In fact, while sitting in the ER he looked at me and said Mom, I think I'll tell everyone I broke it playing rugby, that sounds more manly than roller skating. He actually told people he was skating but I love that rugby story!

Since that week my life has been crazy busy! Between the show, the surgery, catching up at work, Halloween, catching up at work and now, being accepted into the Buy Nevada First Artist Co-Op - I feel as though I've been running in circles. Other than the surgery and work it's been lots of wonderful things!

OK, on to the show

It was a wonderful experience! I had to make more pumpkins, sold a ton of my ornaments, and actually made money, seriously, I didn't just break even I made a little bit! How cool is that. My sculptures were very well received though I didn't sell any of them. Fortunately, I really didn't expect to in that venue but having the sculptures on the table definitely stopped people in their tracks and they would then come over to check out my booth.

I met so many wonderful people. It was a great atmosphere, everyone was happy and having fun. I had several people stop by from other craft fairs and ask me to be a part of their events - cool - but not this year!

Here is another photo of my booth. I did win an award for my booth, one of only 10 they gave out. Out of a total of 180 vendors I think I did pretty good!! I am making more of the ribbon garland for the backdrop for next time and will also have several additional styles of ornaments. The butler holding my business cards used to be my middle son's. One year all he wanted for his birthday was a butler. We found this guy at an auction and got him a butler. He loved it but didn't take it with him to college so now he hangs out in the studio with me.

Mortimer's Friends

The pumpkin heads sold very well. I had to make more on Saturday night so I would have a good selection on Sunday. All in all it was a great experience. I look forward to doing it again!

But wait... there's more

I met with the people at the Buy Nevada First store which is an Artist's co-op and gift shop as well as a visitor center located across from the Reno Convention center. I will be putting my sculptures in there on Monday and will be working there one day a month. I am so excited to become an active member of the arts community in Reno. 

Santa and my purple fairy will be going into the store on Monday! I will be working on a Mrs. Claus and a couple of elves to join them over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully they will be in there before I leave for So. Cal for Thanksgiving!


  1. The show table looks great! I love your son's humour about his accident. I also love how all your son wanted was a butler, sounds like the kind of odd request I would make!

    1. Thank you. I won an award for my table - which was really cool! My kids are sooo much like me, I never know what to expect from them which is awesome. It's gotten even more fun as they have gotten older.

  2. I am so happy about the craft show! Your table looks amazing! And, I am so happy about the store! Yepeee ;o)
    I hope your son is better ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you!!! My baby is doing great. He had the pins removed from his arm on Tuesday (I had to film it for his friends - teenage boys are so funny) and the holes in his wrist are almost closed.