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Thursday, December 25, 2014

What a fabulous year!

I was looking at my first post of the this year and realized that while I have come so far I have several projects from quite some time ago that are still just waiting to be finished!

The mermaid hasn't changed at all

 my goblin detective did get new fabric for his hat and coat 
but it is still waiting to be made into those necessary items

 and poor Alice still has pins in her dress. 

The bird cage fairy is just about done, all she needs are her wings and 
then I'll try to get her into her home. We'll see how that goes.

I look at these projects and know that they are just waiting for their turn. This year I am using a cool little artist's planning calendar that I received from Adele at A for Artistic. It is such a wonderful tool. If you would like a copy email me at sunflwrhouseart @ and I will forward it to you. She has stated that it is meant to be shared and I am happy to spread the word. If you haven't visited AforArtistic you really should stop in. There are lots of classes and Adele also publishes an online quarterly newsletter that is phenomenal!

Of course I did accomplish a lot in 2014! I have my work in the local Artist's Co-Op and Visitor's Center, I did a major Arts and Crafts fair and I have about a dozen project designs in the works, including a cool little pin cushion giraffe that I am so excited about!

The end of the year was busy as usual , of course there was the added stress of an inhalation injury I suffered at work - darn bathroom spray, and while I didn't get all that I wanted complete, I did manage to make quite a few gifts and sketch out the details for some fun new things,

I am taking the next few days to clean the studio, organize the supplies that I have been rooting through and prepare the space for the new year. Right now it looks like a bomb went off in here! I tend to make a mess during my creative process and I have been busy creating in the studio, since July. Yep, it is time to clean!


  1. Oh that sounds scary! I hope your lungs are ok! Good luck with crafts for next year!

  2. I hope you are ok? Glad you had a great year! Thanks for showing your pieces you are working on ;o) Have fun cleaning and here's to a great 2015 ;o)