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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pirate Costume

Just a quick post to show you my costume from the party (and a sneak peek at two upcoming tutorials). I'm pretty pleased with it! The treasure chest at my feet is going to be featured soon as a tutorial! It started out as a simple pine chest from Michael's.

The picture isn't that great but this banner will also be featured soon in a tutorial on printable designs. I hope to have those finished soon.

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  1. Love the costume! The bunting looks great, is that your pagoda or somewhere else? I love the metal chandelier thing and the lamps!

  2. Thank you! The chandelier was salvaged from a building that my hubby worked in. We loved it and got to get it before they threw it away during a remodel! It is hanging on the covered deck in our back yard. I'll post some pictures of it soon.