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Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 6

Sometimes the creative process is quick, the clay does exactly what you want and the person within is revealed quickly and just how they are supposed to be. Other times it is tough and even when you are done you are still not happy with the results. That was my experience with this weeks #2016PCChallenge project.

I worked and worked, redid, reworked, walked away and reworked and even when I was done and baked the piece I should not have. I should have put him down and come back to him another day. His mouth is too high on his face, his chin too narrow. But I didn't and while I like him and I learned a lot from the process of creating him, I still wish I had not baked him so that I could have fixed the things I see now.

Here he is, my week 6 project.

He looks like a leprechaun to me. Hopefully he'll like that. We shall see! I had such a bard time bringing him into the world, I need to make sure I finish him!

Oh well. Lesson learned and today starts another week!


  1. The leprechaun suggestion sounds good! Maybe that will make everything better!

  2. It is better than I could do, anyway! And some people do have big chins!

  3. I think he is adorable! Don't beat yourself up! There are no accidents! He is the way, he is suppose to be!