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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sculpture Updates

This weekend I finally got to work on a few of my sculptures. I am deciding which to enter into the Petaluma Doll Show. Here are the 3 I am working on:

My "World Traveler" or "Realm Traveler" (haven't decided on his title yet). This guy has been not only around the world but through different realms. The stories he has to share are amazing!

World Traveler

You may remember him from when I returned from the Wendy and Toby Froud workshop in Portland. I came back inspired and ready to create. I sculpted him, gave him a body, hands and feet and then life got in the way. He has been sitting patiently on a shelf waiting for me to finish him. Today I started on his clothes. I see him in earth tones with lots of natural fabrics and fibers.

I've been hording a scrap of "Wild Thing" hair that I got from Toby Froud during a puppet making workshop several years ago. The hair is actually a scrap of the hair that they used to make the Wild Things in the "Where the Wild Things Are" movie. This guy will have some of that precious hair on his head. Just a wee bit though because I only have a small scrap and since I am a huge fan of that book I have to keep that lock of hair :0)

World Traveler Clothes 

One of the great things about doll making is the ability to experiment with different fabrics and distressing techniques. The pants started out as a tan leather skirt and the tiny pieces were thin white suede. Neither worked with my vision so I pulled out my paints and started playing. We'll see how well that worked once they dry.

Next up is my Fairy.

Trying out Hair

Style Please!

Trying on a Tiara

She is struggling with this outfit so I had to put her aside. The tiara is just a holder until I decide what color scheme she wants. Then I'll create her crown/tiara/hat/headpiece. It may be made of crystals or possibly flowers, or something else altogether. It really depends on what she wants to wear and right now she is being stubborn! Her hair is wild but once I get her costumed I'll style it to suite her headpiece. And don't even get me started on wings! I can't make them until the outfit is done... stubborn fairy!

Finally, my Fisherman

 The Fisherman

This guy is a happy fisherman. As you can see above I filled out his head. I may need to add a bit more before I put hair on him, He'll be wearing jeans and a sweater (my guy sacrificed a lovely worn-out pair of Levis for the cause). I see him sitting on a dock with a fishing pole and a bucket of tiny fish, he'll, of course, be telling you a tale about the big one that got away, which is why the piece is going to be called "Fish Tales" I'm really excited about him but I have to wait until tomorrow to go to Goodwill and get him a sweater. Then he should come together quickly - I hope!

So that is where I am. I have to finish these by the end of April in order to submit them to be juried for the show. Once I have them done I'll be getting back to the Polymer Clay Challenge. I miss it but I can't concentrate on new work when I have these three and a deadline!


  1. the World Traveller looks amazing!

    I am soooo jealous of your faery's hair! I want it! lol

  2. Busy, busy, Busy! I agree with Laura, the World Traveller looks amazing!