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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekend Sculpting Class with Kate Church

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend with Kate Church, a fabulous doll artist, sculptor and painter. She is down to earth, soft spoken and just an amazing person. This is the third class I have taken with Kate and it was so much fun. The theme of the class was transformation and we each choose a figure that was part animal and part human so of course I HAD to make a mermaid...

She definitely was made using Kate's techniques and her style. I am thrilled with how she turned out and will be making more mermaids for my booth at the McQueen Craft fair which is coming up October 14-16 - YIKES!

She hasn't told me her name yet but now that she is home I am sure she will soon.


  1. Thank you. I usually don't decorate my class projects. I try to learn the techniques or concepts but this one just had to be born. I had so much fun with her.