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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hopfully my days as a Taxi driver are over...

My son is currently at an auto auction with the intention of purchasing a car to replace the one he totaled a couple of weeks ago. He has been handling his dependence on others pretty well though I will be glad when he is once again independent! I have to admit, we have had some amusing conversations on our way home from school lately and I will miss listening to my son’s interesting perspective on the world at large. He tells me about college, I tell him about work and all in all it is not a bad way to spend a half an hour in the evening. He sure is turning into an amazing young man and while I will be happy he has his own wheels, I think I will miss our after work conversations.

On the creative front...

I will post some updates on my creative endeavors later this week. Progress has been slow in the sculpting side of my life as I sort through the many things going on right now. I have been cleaning my studio (and it seems my life) so I can actually get some work done and now I can hear them calling for me to complete them, it is definitely time to do some creative work again.

Life sometimes takes you on a detour from your chosen path, it may last only an hour but sometimes it lasts much longer and is such a profound change that you find yourself re-evaluating where you were and where you are now heading. The detour that my life has taken has lasted a long time (almost 3 years now) but I am finally beginning to see the path I feel I am supposed to be on. While it isn’t the path I started out on, and it isn’t completely clear yet, I feel good - really, really good, about where my life is heading.

Thanks for letting me get sentimental…


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