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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Never Sculpt While Drinking!

This sweet little fairy (She’ll have her wings soon) was born during our Christmas Party this year. My amazing niece Jordan really wanted me to make her one of “My Dolls” and thinking that she meant for me to make her one at a later date I told her I would love to. She then sat down and said, “OK, what do we do first?” Since I had had a glass or two of wine and most of the other adults were playing cards I figured – what the heck - and got everything we needed from my studio to sculpt the head, hands and feet and brought it to the kitchen table. 

Here is what she looked like just after we baked her the night of the Christmas Party.

The next morning, as I looked at our creation I realized that I should never sculpt while drinking!! Her eyes were crooked, her nose was misshapen and her chest was flat and sunk in. I tried to paint her face once and was so unhappy with it that I put her away for a couple of weeks so I could pondered what to do with her to make her pretty enough for Jordan.

Fast forward to my last sculpting group meeting when I gathered up this poor little doll and everything I could find in Lime green – Jordan’s favorite color, and decided to do what I could to make her pretty. I used a lot of acetone to smooth her face, then scraped it down and smoothed again and finally, I was able to start working on her again.

Here she has her bones, muscle, hands and feet.

Here is what she looks like right now. She stands only 8" tall and I have painted her face. She has some hair and a partial outfit but she still needs quite a bit of work including more hair, accessories, a completed costume, wings and finished shoes. I hope to have her ready to go to her new home by Friday. I think she will be very happy with Jordan and hopefully Jordan will be happy with her.

I believe that she is coming along quite well in spite of her dubious beginnings and will be proud to have my niece tell people that she and I created her together.

Check back soon to see her before she moves to her new home.


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