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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome to a Mad Tea Party

Welcome to my Mad Tea Party. A big Thank You to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for hosting this fantastic event. There are lots of stops on this blog party, for a complete list be sure to visit A Fanciful Twist.

I'm glad you were able to stop by. It looks like we interrupted someone's painting project.

Of course, I knew  we were in the right place when I saw those flowers. Too bad the painters decided not to join us. Well, come on in and let's see who is here.

Everything looks ready. Don't those cookies look good. Please, help yourself! There are plenty.

It looks like we've gotten here before the white rabbit though he did drop off a time piece as a gift earlier this morning. He is so thoughtful that way. He's probably out visiting others so he'll most likely be a bit late. Typical!

I know the hatter is here somewhere. Yep, there he is. For some reason he has decided to keep to himself. I think he is nervous that I'll let someone take him home. I'm sure he'll come out and visit once I assure him I've created something else to give away today.

That silly flamingo sure gets around! He was out back playing games just a few minutes ago. I think he is here for moral support for the hatter.

Don' t you just love tea parties! Have a seat and I'll get you some tea.

While you are here, take a minute to follow my blog and leave a comment to be entered to win a set of two Alice in Wonderland themed embroidered tea towels. I am almost done the embroidery and will have the pictures posted on Sunday. I will be drawing a winner randomly on the evening of Monday, July 21st. 

Thanks for stopping by. The Hatter, decked out in all his finery, will be making an appearance on the blog soon, along with some mummies with glow in the dark eyes, and a couple of book goblins. I hope you'll visit with me again and see all of the fun things I am working on!

**Update** Here is a sneak peek of the Red Queen embroidered tea towel. This set will have the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter. They are almost finished and will be posted soon.

If you are travelling on the the next party I'm sure to see you again soon! 

Thanks for stopping by :0)


  1. Fun banner around the tea table! :) I do hope you will come visit my little tea party and Giveaway!
    ~Tricia (my tea party link below):

  2. What fun! Have a fabulous weekend and keep the party going! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. You are the most creative person!
    Please visit me and remind me to return.
    I MUST see the glow eyed mummies.

  4. What a fun visit for the Mad Tea Party. I do love sunflowers and even better ROSES so I got a double treat. Thank you for a delightful time.

  5. Love your mad tea party...happy unbirthday to you...
    Kerstin from germany
    Cobblestone Prims
    Love the chandellier...

  6. Yet another irresistible table of yummy treats...I am gaining weight with each visit lol :D XXX

  7. Very cute and I like the AIW banner. If you have time, drop by my tea party. I always love to share tea and nibblies with new friends. :)

  8. Looks like a great party! Hope those painters return to finish your roses! Thanks, also, for the giveaway. Following you!

  9. I'm loving your brightly laid out table and bunting decorating the edge, so many treats to indulge in.

  10. HAPPY MAD TEA PARTY! I love your workspace! Beautiful!!!!!!! Absolutely delightful tea party! I had so much fun visiting your blog! :D

    1. You are the Winner!! Congratulations. Please send me your mailing address to debbielynn.w@ :0) Thank you so much for stopping by!

  11. So sweeeet, oh that flag banner is amazing too! Your tablescape is just precious, and I for one would love a cookie :-)

    Thank you so much for joining in the Mad Tea magic!
    A very merry unbirthday to you!

    <3 Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  12. You baked such lovely cookies! Thank you for having me over!

  13. Love your Alice bunting, it's so gorgeous. Cookie for me please. :-)

  14. I LOVE your ALICE banner!!
    You're welcome to visit and have a cuppa tea with me @

  15. Hmm...I just tried leaving a comment but I got an error message so I am trying again. I LOVE your ALICE banner!! You're welcome to visit and have a cuppa tea with me @

  16. Lovely party and props! Loved the flower cookies!
    Thanks for the invite,

  17. Fabulous table!!! Love your banner and yummy treats!!! Have fun continuing your madness with the Hatter! Cheers! ;)

  18. I have found your second blog, beautiful party post! Thank you for having me once more!

  19. Fabulous!! Your celebration is delightful, my Dear...I'm so glad I stopped by!

  20. Cheerful, colorful, wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  21. I love that table! Where, oh where, did the Hatter's wonderful topper come from? It's just perfect! I love the tea towel. That's just what Alice would need for a Mad Tea Party clean up! Thank you for inviting me!

  22. Goblins? Did you say goblins? I will be back for that... I'm a new follower on GFC. Thanks for the party and a look at your art space!

  23. Love the cookies ;o) I had 3 ;o) LOL!

  24. What a delight! so many whimsical details - love the flamingo- and your tea towels are wonderful!

  25. I could have sworn I already commented on your blog. Maybe I am going mad as a hatter from all these tea parties! If I already have, or haven't then hello! What a lovely blog! :)

  26. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, I am still out visiting parties and if I haven't stopped in to yours yet I will be by soon!