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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Arts and Crafts Fair Update

I was accepted into the fair :0)

That is one of the reasons it has been so quiet here lately but not the only one! I am also getting ready to launch my Sunflower House Art Facebook page AND I've updated my logo so once I finalize everything I'll be changing the blog header. I LOVE the new look and I can't wait to share it here!

I've also been very busy working on my booth and creating wonderful, sculpted pieces for the show. It's amazing how fast time goes by when there is a deadline looming! Fortunately I work fairly well under pressure.

Here is a picture of Mortimer, from my Mortimer and Friends collection. He was almost complete in a rough sort of way in the picture. Soon I'll share some pictures of a completed Mortimer as well as some more of the pieces I am taking with me.

I've also been busy making preserves. This is the first year I've done that. I am very proud of those preserves. Not only are they pretty, they taste amazing!!!

Lastly I am working on my Animated Zombie swap. Since my partner was very specific in her Zombie needs and since she has no idea I am her partner, this is all I can share:

Soon I'll show you some of the fun tuck-ins for this swap but for now, that is all. Check back soon for some pictures of the booth and more!


  1. Congrats on the fair! So happy for you ;o)
    I love the little pumpkins you are making!
    And, the preserves look so yummy!
    Zombie swap! Fun!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you both! I will be posting pictures of the doll I made for the zombie swap soon since it was delivered today :0)