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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here She is... My Creation for the Zombie Swap

Coraline Doll

One of the "zombies" my swap partner was interested in was a Coraline doll. Coraline - the doll - is sort of a zombie and I had so much fun making her. I know she isn't gory and dripping blood but she really didn't want to be and I couldn't risk making her mad!! I'll post a lot more pictures of the making of this sweet girl soon.

Also,  My studio looks like a fabric/craft store exploded in it but lots of great things are happening, I can't wait to share some of them with you. I have a Santa Claus that is sculpted and ready for clothes, an angel that started out as a Santa but took a girly turn and two fun pumpkin head dolls that will be getting their costumes this weekend.

Check back soon


  1. You are welcome :0) She was so much fun to make!!! I am glad you like her.

  2. I adore the Coraline doll! Oooh i like her hair! Like mine, only brighter! I love the book and movie! Although they both scare me a little!

    1. LOVE the blue hair. Coraline was fun to make though the movie definitely was creepy!