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Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge - Week 5

This week I was able to get my #2016PCChallenge project done early. I can not believe we are almost into February. This week was my first attempt at an older face. I plan on doing an old man for my doll show submission so you'll be seeing a lot of weathered faces on here in the coming weeks.


You can see the wrinkles I've etched into his skin. They will be less distinctive once he has been cured. I also made a spot for a pipe to be inserted in the corner of his mouth.

Fresh from the Oven

As you can see the baking process tones down the wrinkles quite a bit. They will be visible once again after I paint him.

Painted Features

Here he is! I am really pleased with how this guy turned out. I will be redoing his pupils to make them a bit larger and less creepy. He will be getting salt & pepper hair, along with a beard and mustache. He'll also be getting bushy eyebrows - I can't wait for those!

He already told me that he is a fisherman and he wants to be posed on a dock. I'm going to continue to work on him this afternoon since it is snowing, we already have about 4 inches of snow - not bad but enough to stay in and play with clay!

I'm so glad I decided to not only join the #2016PCChallenge but to actually participate in it LOL. I'm really excited about what is happening in the studio this year.

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