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Friday, July 29, 2016

Ireland... Here I Come


I can't wait!! Soon we'll be heading to Ireland and Scotland. We'll be spending a few days in Dublin, Ireland and then a few in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are traveling with our son and his best friend who both just graduated from High School as well as our friends (my son's friend's parents:-). 

This is a graduation present for the boys and for all of us. These are both the baby of the family and we are celebrating! Finding someone I know and trust to agree to stay at the house and watch my dogs was challenging but thankfully my babies will have someone there to care for them. (Whew!) 

We'll be exploring Dublin and the surrounding area as well as visiting 
Inverness, Loch Ness and Rosslyn Chapel. 
I have discovered that I have family in Roscommon. 
My mother's family (both sides) are from Ireland and several still live there.

Here is a place I'd like to see from Roscommon:

McDermott Castle, Castle Island, Lough Key
Click on the Picture to be taken 
to a pictorial article on beautiful castles

Check back soon for pictures. I can't wait to see how these countries influence my art. I plan on visiting second hand shops if possible. Last time I was in Ireland I found a single panel of an antique lace curtain in a thrift store - I brought it home and used the lace on several dolls. There is nothing like antique lace when costuming a doll. I'm hoping to bring back more treasures this trip.


  1. How exciting!! I know you'll have an amazing time! I hope you find lots of treasures!

  2. So exciting! I hope to go someday! Have fun!