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Monday, June 2, 2014

Birdcage Fairy Update

You may remember this sweet little fae, she has been waiting rather patiently for me to finally get around to finishing her. Well, I am almost done.

Additional curls

Petals, sleeves and belt

Close up

As you can see she is coming along. I have to finish her wings and then find a way to put her inside her new home. I love the look of her beaded tiara. It is exactly what she needed for that hair-doo!

Here home is almost ready for her. The rug is embroidered and the window flowers are in.I plan on making some curtains for the bottom area and then adding a chair but that will be after I finish her. I am not sure how well she is going to fit but I am going to do my best. If I can't put her on the perch then she'll have a different home... I'll keep you posted!

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