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Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Work in Progress!

Yep, that's me! 

I had to submit some additional photos of me actually creating my figures for the juried craft fair that I applied for so I decided to get started on another Mad Hatter. I am not sure whether he'll be staying here or finding a new home at the Mad Tea party in July so you may want to stop by here on July 12th just to see what he decides ;0)! It promises to be quite the event!

Here is where he is right now. I'll be posting progress pictures as I complete him. This guy isn't a zombie which is good and bad, the zombies are so much fun to create I'll eventually have to make one for myself. As for this guy, I am really excited about making another Mad Hatter! I still have some of that awesome fabric left over from the Hatter in Zombieland sculpture and it is so lush I may use it, then again, he may demand his own style which means I have get to shop!

Either way, he is really excited to finally be started.

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