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Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 2

I am trying to get on a Sunday posting schedule for my challenge so I sculpted two heads in a matter of days.

This one is a bit larger than the first. I'm happy with her face though the eyes are too close together. I only had the one pair of eyes completed and ready to use so my options were - 1 pair. Not how I like to work and it made a difference. I had a much harder time with her eyes than I normally do.

The rest of this afternoon will be spend making more eyes in different colors. I like have them baked and ready to go in multiple colors and sizes so that I have what I need.

So... here is week 2:

Lids - she looks angry

Color - Pre-Bake
Final - Post-Bake

If her eyes had not been so close together I would have been happier. As it is she will still make a nice kitchen witch or angel. I'm very happy with her lips. That has been an area that I've struggled with. I also struggle with ears. Hers are too flat but I was a bit lazy and didn't get my reference pictures out so I am not going to whine too much about it and when I put hair on her I'll make sure they are covered!

Next weekend I am sculpting with friends. These little girls just may get hair! I'll definitely post pictures once they have hair and bodies. 

The Flickr album is live. There is a link on the left side of the blog or you can click here to visit it. 

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