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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another Contest from ArtDolls.Com - Steampunk Ball Jointed Doll

I am having such a great time working through the ArtDolls.Com contests. The current one is a simple ball jointed doll. If you are interested in joining in on the fun here is a link to the contest kit.

I have never made a ball jointed doll before. Until this week I did not think I was skilled enough to do it, however, joining this contest has changed that.

Here is the start of my ball jointed doll.


Head sitting on torso

 Head and Torso

The contest is for a simple ball-jointed doll dressed in Steampunk fashion. The video demonstrates sculpting a much younger and smaller doll than what I am creating but I am utilizing the same techniques so I should be OK. 

I don't sculpt child like dolls and since this sweet girl wanted to be here I just went with it. I will be working on her arms, legs, hands and feet this week. She is due before September 15th as is the Art Doll Quarterly entry for their Age of Aquarius challenge which I am also working on. 

This has been an exciting project for me. I tend to procrastinate when I am unsure of something but in the very beginning of the videos that go along with this contest Arpyl Jensen tells you to take it one step at a time. You focus on one part of the doll, for instance, it isn't overwhelming to sculpt a single leg. Then you focus on the next, then the next until you have a complete doll. So I sat down and sculpted her head, then I moved on to her torso. Next I'll do her legs... I am thrilled with how she is turning out and I am really looking forward to costuming her. I love the Steampunk style and had so many ideas I may need to make friend for her so I can do more than one costume!

Another new process I will be experimenting with on this doll is blushing and painting with the Genesis heat set paints. I've seen them used. I have them, but I've never used them, so with this doll I will be using them which is why she has no color on her face.

Once again I have to say... seek out challenges for your art. Try something that scares you. Your skills will grow by leaps and bounds.