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Monday, October 16, 2017

Ball Jointed Doll Update - She has Hair!

This project has been fun and I've learned so much while creating this doll. When I make another one there are things I will do differently but overall I am pleased with how she is turning out.

I didn't get her done in time to enter the contest but I'm OK with that. I had too much going on with my family to worry about finishing a doll and I didn't want to rush her costume.

I was happy to get to work on her this week and now she has hair!

I've never made a wig cap for a doll before. It was not difficult, just time consuming since I had to wait for it to dry before I added the hair.

Wig Cap - Drying

Wig Cap - Cut to Fit



Hair - Dried and Ready for final Styling

I am very happy with her hair. I will be adding some smoothing oil to it - just a tiny bit - to tame it and the will be adding some curls on both sides of her face. She will be getting some steampunk goggles or a top hat so I won't be doing anything to the top of her hair.  

Her face still needs to be painted, her wig does come off so that won't be a problem! Aside from the initial wait time, making the wig was simple and I love the possibilities of changing her hair.

Next steps... face and body painted then costume. We are in the home stretch. Once she is done I will be working on a Pirate to go with my mermaid for Art Doll Quarterly's "Ahoy Matey" contest and then a doll for their "Haunted Fairy Tales" contest.

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